We are an approved installer of Rolec EV Electric Charge Points

We offer a comprehensive range of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions - offering quality products at competitive prices.

Electric cars are very much the future of the automobile industry and their adoption rate is rising rapidly throughout the UK and the rest of the world. In fact, sales of electric vehicles saw an 11% increase in the past year, bringing the total amount of UK registrations to 2%. This pales in comparison to the figures in Norway, where 48% of registered vehicles are now electric.


By the year 2040, the UK government plans to phase out petrol and diesel vehicles in order to curb emissions and hit climate change targets. 

Each of Rolec EV's charging point ranges have been specially designed to offer all types and modes of EV charging, in order to provide solutions for the following locations:

• EV Charging Points For The Home
• Commercial/Workplace EV Charging Points 
• On Street EV Charging Points

Rolec EV’s mission statement of 'Quality, Reliability and Innovation'reflects the company’s ethos of providing cost-effective, high-quality and reliable products and services.

Rolec EV Charge Points
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