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The Current War - The history of what we do

At Ben Carter Electrical Contracting Services, it won’t come as a surprise to you to hear ‘we love electric’ – so we were pleased to see, last week, the opening of a blockbuster movie about the men who literally lit up the modern world with electricity and, in so doing, changed civilisation forever. The Current War, released on July 26th, stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Nicholas Hoult and Tom Holland in the story of Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse who were considered the greatest inventors of the modern industrial age.

The film follows them in a battle of technology and ideas to determine whose electrical system will power the new world. Edison dazzles the world by lighting Manhattan. However, Westinghouse, who was aided by Nikola Tesla, sees fatal flaws in Edison’s direct current design and bets everything on risky and dangerous alternating current. Without these men, the world simply consisted of flickering candles and oil lamps that lit homes when night fell, horses were the primary means of transport; and polluting coal and wood fires were the only means of heating and cooking.

If electricity was an important innovation at the time of The Current War, its unbelievable to think we used to go without, considering how important it is now. It is involved with everything in our everyday lives, from the internet and international communications, to our cars, hospitals, homes and businesses. Electricity is also about to revolutionise personal transport.

Electric cars are almost certainly the future, and earlier on in the summer Ben Carter Electrical Contracting Services Ltd were pleased to announce that we are approved and accredited installers of Rolec EV charge points.

Electricity up until now has had to be generated by the burning of fossil fuels – or, even more controversially, by nuclear power – governments across the globe are now moving to more renewable sources.

The fact is that there has never been a more exciting time to be part of the electrotechnical industry. It is a time of dynamic change. As dramatic as that experienced by Edison, Westinghouse and Tesla.

It is difficult to now know whether the early pioneers of electricity knew how radically they were going to change the world - But at Ben Carter Electrical Contracting Services, we are thankful they did.   Have you seen, or are thinking of seeing The Current War? - Let us know your thoughts, or if you have any questions about history or the way it works, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help. Watch the trailer here:

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