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Is your home due an electrical MOT?

It’s an important requirement to make sure your car receives it annual MOT, but have you thought about your home?

When was the last time you gave your property the once over in relation to its electrics?

Your home could be due an up to date electrical installation condition report, which is required as all electrical installations deteriorate over time. It is recommended that they should be inspected and tested every “3 to 5 years”. 

Such electrical safety checks are commonly known as ‘periodic inspections’ or ‘electrical installation condition reports’.

With the help of an EICR (Electrical installation condition report), you can find out:

  • If any electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded.

  • Any potential electric shock risks and fire hazards.

  • Identify defective electrical work.

  • Highlight any lack of earthing or bonding.

Electrical Testing is also carried out on wiring and fixed electrical items to ensure that they are safe. A schedule of circuits can also be provided which can be a great asset to a property.

What is the primary purpose of an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)? There are many reasons why you as a householder might request an EICR, and generally they are highly recommended where proof may be required to show an electrical installation is safe age of the installation (the older the installation is, the more often an EICR has to be carried out).

If your property has a swimming pool, it is recommended that time frame between an EICR is one year. However, only parts of the installation relating to the swimming pool would need to be assessed.

If there is a change in usage of the domestic premises,  this could be a change of occupancy in rental properties, or the property being prepared to be sold, or the property being purchased. It is highly recommended that an EICR is carried out with each alteration of occupancy in rental properties to confirm the property remains electrically safe. 

Equally, requesting an EICR on a property that is being purchased is the best way to find out if work needs to be carried out on the electrical system.

Any concerns the householder has about the condition of their electrical installation.

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