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Get Autumn/Winter Ready with BCECS

We hope you had a fantastic August bank holiday weekend, but, with September just around the corner, the kids going back to school next week and the nights drawing in, this does signal the start of the Autumn/Winter months.

The end of British summertime and the arrival of gloomy mornings and evenings can leave many in an equally miserable mood - which is why lighting at home becomes crucial at this time of year.

There is no doubt that the needs of your property change as winter sets in, and given how light affects our mood so much, it’s something you need to get right. Here we share some Ben Carter Electrical Contracting Services mini-tips to add more light to your home in the upcoming winter months.

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1. Turning your home into a winter haven might mean rethinking the distribution of your lamps and shades, or simply getting rid of old bulbs. Choosing the right lightbulbs can also be surprisingly transformative to the feel of a room.

2. The key to creating, warm, cosy light in the winter comes with even distribution.

3. Battling wintry nights isn’t a pursuit limited to the indoors - lighting up the home should start at your porch. A really eye-catching light hanging over the doorway on a sensor is perfect - it’s a more welcoming way of returning home.

4. Careful consideration should also extend to the garden, as “just because it’s winter, you don’t want to look out of your doors and see a black mass of space.” Positioning lights in trees, and low level bulbs to cast out a flood of light across the grass can help to bring the garden to life during the darkest five months of the year.

5. Consider making your home a ‘Smart Home’ - An increasing number of us are now using ‘smart’ lighting systems which allow us to control the mix of temperatures and brightness in our homes wirelessly from our phones. Ben Carter Electrical Contracting Services Philips offer full installation of Phillips’ Hue system, which involves replacing your existing bulbs with their internet-enabled versions, and featuring 16million colours that can be set and changed with a tap of a button.

Did you know: 4 million UK households are now ‘smart homes’, according to 2015 research.

Using connected lightbulbs allows you to have the full spectrum of white light at your fingertips and making artificial lighting part of your daily routine can work wonders for how you feel. Setting bulbs to grow gradually darker at night, and slowly brighter in the mornings is another way to make the adjustment to winter weather a little less severe.

For more information on any of the above, and to make sure your home is winter ready from an electrical point of view.

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